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Commonwealth War Graves Registers, First World War

About the records

Library and Archives Canada holds records related to the death of service personnel from both the First and Second World War grouped into one series: Accession RG 150, 1992-93/314.

  • Volumes 1 to 38 hold applications for the burial of ex-CEF personnel to be buried in Canada or the United States with a military marker supplied by the Government of Canada.
  • Volumes 39 to 144 are known as the “Black Binders” and serve as a register of death and location of the body or memorial, serving primarily as a death certificate and register of burial for those serving in Belgium, France or the United Kingdom. 
  • Volumes 145 to 238 are known as the “Brown Binders” which focuses on the circumstances of death (if available) with particulars of the initial grave site, if known. These volumes have also been digitized and are available online.
  • Volumes 239 to 274 are ledgers covering the death and burial of military service personnel in Canada and the United States during the First World War and afterwards.
  • Volumes 275 to 278 are for groups killed in the First World War not described in any of the above mentioned records. These include those lost at sea, members of the Siberian Expeditionary Force, enemy aliens interned by Canada and miscellaneous personnel of the Canadian Expeditionary Force and the Royal Canadian Navy.
  • Volumes 279 to 302 are for Second World War Service personnel killed in Canada, including personnel involved in the British Commonwealth Air Training Program. 

Commonwealth War Graves Registers

This series (volumes 39 to 144) consists of registers known as the “Black Binders” and are a record for registering with the Imperial War Graves Commission the graves of Canadian Expeditionary Force members killed in Belgium, France and United Kingdom during the First World War. The registers are arranged in alphabetic order and provide for each Canadian Expeditionary Force member a two page document that contains the following information:

  • Service number
  • Rank
  • Name
  • Unit
  • Date of death
  • Cause and place of death
  • Casualty sheet number
  • Date of burial
  • Location of grave
  • Information on the next of kin and
  • Communication of the grave location to the next of kin.

In cases where there was no known grave, the page will be stamped with the memorial on which the name of the individual is inscribed, e.g. Vimy Memorial, Menin Gate etc. These registers appear to have been compiled after the war from the information in the Circumstances of Death registers (“Brown Binders”) and from individual service files. It should be noted that the post-war movement of graves, of which there is sometimes a series of movements, will be recorded in these registers.

When the Public Archives of Canada (PAC), now Library and Archives Canada, took over responsibility for historical military service records in 1971, these records were transferred to Library and Archives Canada.

How the Records Are Arranged in the Volumes

The volumes have been digitized and the images appear in the same order as in the volumes. You can browse through the images as you would through the original volume. You can move through the images one by one, or skip ahead by entering a new page (image) number in the page navigation box. The records are not searchable by name.

List of Content of Volumes

Surnames Location of Grave Microform Sequence Volume Number Reference
Aaron to Allan France, Belgium, etc. 1 31830_B016669 RG150, 1992-93/314, 39
Allanso to Angst France, Belgium, etc. 2 31830_B016673 RG150, 1992-93/314, 40
Angus to Astley France, Belgium, etc. 3 31830_B016674 RG150, 1992-93/314, 41
Aston to Baker France, Belgium, etc. 4 31830_B016672 RG150, 1992-93/314, 42
Baky to Barrow France, Belgium, etc. 5 31830_B016677 RG150, 1992-93/314, 43
Barry to Beebe France, Belgium, etc. 6 31830_B016663 RG150, 1992-93/314, 44
Beech to Berner France, Belgium, etc. 7 31830_B034750 RG150, 1992-93/314, 45
Bernhart to Bittle France, Belgium, etc. 8 31830_B016668 RG150, 1992-93/314, 46
Bjarnason to Bolger France, Belgium, etc. 9 31830_B016662 RG150, 1992-93/314, 47
Bolin to Bowes France, Belgium, etc. 10 31830_B016667 RG150, 1992-93/314, 48
Bowhay to Briden France, Belgium, etc. 11 31830_B016666 RG150, 1992-93/314, 49
Bridge to Brown, I.F. France, Belgium, etc. 12 31830_B016665 RG150, 1992-93/314, 50
Brown, J. to Buist France, Belgium, etc. 13 31830_B016671 RG150, 1992-93/314, 51
Bulbick to Bytheway France, Belgium, etc. 14 31830_B016670 RG150, 1992-93/314, 52
Cabana to Canning France, Belgium, etc. 15 31830_B016591 RG150, 1992-93/314, 53
Cannon to Cave France, Belgium, etc. 16 31830_B016590 RG150, 1992-93/314, 54
Cavelle to Christmas France, Belgium, etc. 17 31830_B016589 RG150, 1992-93/314, 55
Christo to Cabley France, Belgium, etc. 18 31830_B016594 RG150, 1992-93/314, 56
Coburn to Coogan France, Belgium, etc. 19 31830_B016593 RG150, 1992-93/314, 57
Cook to Cotton France, Belgium, etc. 20 31830_B016592 RG150, 1992-93/314, 58
Cottrell to Crewe France, Belgium, etc. 21 31830_B016595 RG150, 1992-93/314, 59
Cribbes to Cyrs France, Belgium, etc. 22 31830_B016596 RG150, 1992-93/314, 60
Dabate to Dawson France, Belgium, etc. 23 31830_B016600 RG150, 1992-93/314, 61
Day to Dickie France, Belgium, etc. 24 31830_B016597 RG150, 1992-93/314, 62
Dickens to Dostie France, Belgium, etc. 25 31830_B016599 RG150, 1992-93/314, 63
Doty to Dunbar France, Belgium, etc. 26 31830_B016598 RG150, 1992-93/314, 64
Duncan to Edwards France, Belgium, etc. 27 31830_B016602 RG150, 1992-93/314, 65
Edworthy to Ezric France, Belgium, etc. 28 31830_B016601 RG150, 1992-93/314, 66
Faber to Fincham France, Belgium, etc. 29 31830_B016606 RG150, 1992-93/314, 67
Finder to Ford France, Belgium, etc. 30 31830_B016605 RG150, 1992-93/314, 68
Fordham to Freymuth France, Belgium, etc. 31 31830_B034751 RG150, 1992-93/314, 69
Fricker to Gaston France, Belgium, etc. 32 31830_B016604 RG150, 1992-93/314, 70
Gate to Gingras France, Belgium, etc. 33 31830_B016609 RG150, 1992-93/314, 71
Ginn to Gotze France, Belgium, etc. 34 31830_B016608 RG150, 1992-93/314, 72
Goucher to Green France, Belgium, etc. 35 31830_B016607 RG150, 1992-93/314, 73
Greenaway to Gysin France, Belgium, etc. 36 31830_B016611 RG150, 1992-93/314, 74
Haas to Hancox France, Belgium, etc. 37 31830_B016610 RG150, 1992-93/314, 75
Hand to Harty France, Belgium, etc. 38 31830_B016675 RG150, 1992-93/314, 76
Harvey to Helms France, Belgium, etc. 39 31830_B016676 RG150, 1992-93/314, 77
Helps to Hildreth France, Belgium, etc. 40 31830_B016680 RG150, 1992-93/314, 78
Hill to Holmden France, Belgium, etc. 41 31830_B034451 RG150, 1992-93/314, 79
Holmes to Howles France, Belgium, etc. 42 31830_B016679 RG150, 1992-93/314, 80
Howlett to Hutson France, Belgium, etc. 43 31830_B016678 RG150, 1992-93/314, 81
Hutt to James France, Belgium, etc. 44 31830_B034447 RG150, 1992-93/314, 82
Jameson to Johnsson France, Belgium, etc. 45 31830_B016681 RG150, 1992-93/314, 83
Johnston to Juteau France, Belgium, etc. 46 31830_B034450 RG150, 1992-93/314, 84
Kaar to Kernick France, Belgium, etc. 47 31830_B034449 RG150, 1992-93/314, 85
Kerr to Knibbs France, Belgium, etc. 48 31830_B016682 RG150, 1992-93/314, 86
Knight to Landymore France, Belgium, etc. 49 31830_B034448 RG150, 1992-93/314, 87
Lane to Leach France, Belgium, etc. 50 31830_B034452 RG150, 1992-93/314, 88
Leachman to Levine France, Belgium, etc. 51 31830_B016603 RG150, 1992-93/314, 89
Levings to Lockie France, Belgium, etc. 52 31830_B016614 RG150, 1992-93/314, 90
Lockley to Lyttle France, Belgium, etc. 53 31830_B016613 RG150, 1992-93/314, 91
Mabee to Marsden France, Belgium, etc. 54 31830_B016612 RG150, 1992-93/314, 92
Marsh to May France, Belgium, etc. 55 31830_B016617 RG150, 1992-93/314, 93
Mayall to Millens France, Belgium, etc. 56 31830_B016616 RG150, 1992-93/314, 94
Miller to Moir France, Belgium, etc. 57 31830_B016615 RG150, 1992-93/314, 95
Moisley to Morley France, Belgium, etc. 58 31830_B016620 RG150, 1992-93/314, 96
Morphew to Muir France, Belgium, etc. 59 31830_B016619 RG150, 1992-93/314, 97
Muirhead to Myson France, Belgium, etc. 60 31830_B016621 RG150, 1992-93/314, 98
McAdam to McCoubry France, Belgium, etc. 61 31830_B034752 RG150, 1992-93/314, 99
McCourt to McDonaugh France, Belgium, etc. 62 31830_B016618 RG150, 1992-93/314, 100
McDonnell to McIntre France, Belgium, etc. 63 31830_B016622 RG150, 1992-93/314, 101
McIntosh to Mackenzie France, Belgium, etc. 64 31830_B016626 RG150, 1992-93/314, 102
McKeough to McLeman France, Belgium, etc. 65 31830_B016625 RG150, 1992-93/314, 103
McLennan to McNaughton France, Belgium, etc. 66 31830_B016624 RG150, 1992-93/314, 104
McNaul to McWilliams France, Belgium, etc. 67 31830_B016623 RG150, 1992-93/314, 105
Nadeau to Nicoletti France, Belgium, etc. 68 31830_B016630 RG150, 1992-93/314, 106
Nicoll to Olivier France, Belgium, etc. 69 31830_B016629 RG150, 1992-93/314, 107
Oliff to Papworth France, Belgium, etc. 70 31830_B016628 RG150, 1992-93/314, 108
Paquet to Pattison France, Belgium, etc. 71 31830_B016627 RG150, 1992-93/314, 109
Patton to Perry France, Belgium, etc. 72 31830_B016633 RG150, 1992-93/314, 110
Perryman to Plow France, Belgium, etc. 73 31830_B016632 RG150, 1992-93/314, 111
Plowman to Price France, Belgium, etc. 74 31830_B016631 RG150, 1992-93/314, 112
Prickett to Ramsey France, Belgium, etc. 75 31830_B016635 RG150, 1992-93/314, 113
Rance to Reid France, Belgium, etc. 76 31830_B016634 RG150, 1992-93/314, 114
Reiley to Rizza France, Belgium, etc. 77 31830_B016638 RG150, 1992-93/314, 115
Roach to Roffey France, Belgium, etc. 78 31830_B016637 RG150, 1992-93/314, 116
Roger to Roy France, Belgium, etc. 79 31830_B016636 RG150, 1992-93/314, 117
Royal to Saunders France, Belgium, etc. 80 31830_B016641 RG150, 1992-93/314, 118
Sauvage to Selfe France, Belgium, etc. 81 31830_B016640 RG150, 1992-93/314, 119
Selkirk to Sholds France, Belgium, etc. 82 31830_B034455 RG150, 1992-93/314, 120
Scholert to Smales France, Belgium, etc. 83 31830_B016644 RG150, 1992-93/314, 121
Small to Smith, P.M. France, Belgium, etc. 84 31830_B016643 RG150, 1992-93/314, 122
Smith, R. to Spence France, Belgium, etc. 85 31830_B034454 RG150, 1992-93/314, 123
Spencer to Steven France, Belgium, etc. 86 31830_B016642 RG150, 1992-93/314, 124
Stevens to St. Pierre France, Belgium, etc. 87 31830_B016647 RG150, 1992-93/314, 125
Stracey to Syvret France, Belgium, etc. 88 31830_B016646 RG150, 1992-93/314, 126
Tabbener to Thom France, Belgium, etc. 89 31830_B016645 RG150, 1992-93/314, 127
Thomas to Tizzard France, Belgium, etc. 90 31830_B016639 RG150, 1992-93/314, 128
Tobias to Turnbull France, Belgium, etc. 91 31830_B034453 RG150, 1992-93/314, 129
Turner to Vyse France, Belgium, etc. 92 31830_B016649 RG150, 1992-93/314, 130
Wabanosse to Warby France, Belgium, etc. 93 31830_B016656 RG150, 1992-93/314, 131
Ward to Webb France, Belgium, etc. 94 31830_B016651 RG150, 1992-93/314, 132
Webber to Whitcutt France, Belgium, etc. 95 31830_B016653 RG150, 1992-93/314, 133
White to Wiley France, Belgium, etc. 96 31830_B016654 RG150, 1992-93/314, 134
Williams to Wilson France, Belgium, etc. 97 31830_B016655 RG150, 1992-93/314, 135
Wilton to Worsley France, Belgium, etc. 98 31830_B016658 RG150, 1992-93/314, 136
Worster to Zykoski France, Belgium, etc. 99 31830_B016652 RG150, 1992-93/314, 137
Abbot to Byrt United Kingdom 100 31830_B016657 RG150, 1992-93/314, 138
Cadieux to Ewens United Kingdom 101 31830_B016650 RG150, 1992-93/314, 139
Fagg to Holmes United Kingdom 102 31830_B016661 RG150, 1992-93/314, 140
Holtum to Meads United Kingdom 103 31830_B016648 RG150, 1992-93/314, 141
Meehen to Ozanne United Kingdom 104 31830_B016660 RG150, 1992-93/314, 142
Packham to Smith United Kingdom 105 31830_B016659 RG150, 1992-93/314, 143
Smollet to Zinck United Kingdom 106 31830_B016664 RG150, 1992-93/314, 144

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