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Educational Resources

A Great Sport

A Teaching Strategy for Use With Library and Archives Canada's Canadian Olympians Website

In this project, students will research a sport of their choice and present their findings to the class in various media.


Social Studies (History), Language Arts and Visual Arts
Ages 9-13

Learning Outcomes (WCP)
Objectives (QC)
Learning Outcomes (APEF)
Expectations (ON)

Social Studies Outcomes for this project (History):

In completing this project, students will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how diverse groups and individuals have contributed to the cultural development of Canada

Arts Outcomes (Visual Arts):

  • Produce two-dimensional works of art that communicate a range of ideas for specific purposes and to specific audiences, using a variety of familiar art tools, materials and techniques

Language Arts Outcomes:

(R) Reading

  • Decide on a specific purpose for reading, and select the material they need from a variety of appropriate sources

(W) Writing

  • Use writing for a range of purposes and in a range of contexts

(O/V) Oral and Visual Communication

  • Use the conventions of oral language, and of the various media, that are appropriate to the grade
  • Contribute and work constructively in groups

These Language Arts Outcomes correspond to:

  • WCP GO - R: 3.2; W: 3.3, O/V: 4.4, 5.1
  • Quebec objectives - 1 (Reading); 1 (Writing); 2, 1 (Oral)
  • APEF CGO - R: 4.1/4.2; W: 8.1; O/V: 9.1/9.2, 2.1

Student Demonstration of Learning

Students will use Library and Archives Canada's (NLC) Canadian Olympians website and other sources to prepare a presentation on a sport of their choice. They will consider the achievements of Canadian athletes in this sport, and will produce a poster advertising its merits and the merits of exercise.

Materials/Resources Required

Computers with access to the Internet
Student Handout
Assessment Criteria
Materials for presentation, such as:

  • Overhead projectors
  • Tape recorders
  • Poster board
  • Coloured paper
  • Markers
  • Props (equipment and clothing associated with specific sports)

Students may choose to bring some equipment and clothing from home.

Web Links

Library and Archives Canada's For Teachers website

Library and Archives Canada's For Students website

Library and Archives Canada's ARCHIVED - Celebrating Women's Achievements website

Canadian Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee

Olympic Museum

History of the Games

CBC Sports: Olympics

The Canadian Encyclopedia

Also refer to print encyclopedias.

Instructional Procedures

Enhancing Student Interest

This activity could be timed to coincide with the Olympic Games, or with some other major sporting event.

Small Group Work

Students select a sport which interests them, and which is a part of the Olympic Games. They will be preparing a presentation on this sport. They should begin with a description of the sport or event, including:

  • how it is played or conducted
  • the number of participants
  • rules

Students should then answer the following questions:

  • Do both men and women participate? If so, are they on the same team or on separate teams?
  • What sort of clothes do athletes in this sport wear? Why?
  • What equipment do the athletes use? What is it used for?
  • What physical qualities do the athletes need?
  • What mental qualities do the athletes need?
  • What kind of training do the athletes do? What kind of off-season training do they do?
  • Who are some prominent Canadian athletes in this sport?

Much of this information can be inferred from images on the Canadian Olympians site. Students should also use the images from Canadian Olympians to consider the human side of competition, for example:

  • How do the athletes look when they are in competition? (Consider posture, expression, etc.)
  • How do they look in victory or defeat?

Students should create a list of the benefits of participating in the sport they have chosen.

If possible, students should be able to display the equipment used in their sport and show how it is used. This may require extra room.

Students may also choose appropriate music to accompany their presentation. They can employ slides, an overhead projector, posters, or other visual aids.

Each group should produce a poster advertising the sport.

It should communicate:

  • The merits of the sport
  • The merits of exercise
  • Some Canadian athletes who have excelled at the sport

Notes on Enriching This Activity